Drake & Scull International

Project Assessment and Planning Capabilities

DSR&I hold the vision, expertise, skill and innovation to devise unique and advanced strategies. We are fully equipped to develop major project case studies offering appropriate management plans for the entire project cycle. DSR&I provide clients with total project planning, analysis, development, execution and prompt delivery of services. Some of the common elements of the case studies include:

  • Design –comprehensive research in areas such as: industry standards, phased delivery, assurance, and change and configuration management.
  • Systems Engineering – including the use of robust systems integration processes from design, through installation and testing.
  • Assurance – the evaluation of standards, assurance plans, resilience (RAMS) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
  • Procurement – relevant railway standards, early participation of strategic suppliers and manufacturers, manufacturing progress and quality monitoring & controls, type tests and factory acceptance tests (FATS).
  • Planning & Project Controls –professional and comprehensive critical path analysis, detailed activity planning, real time reporting alerts, decision support and forecasting.
  • Construction – insightful and expert recommendations for effective site management and safety, standards, dependencies, management plans, site constraints, access planning & logistics, installation planning, safety and performance methods and site acceptance, assurance and construction records.
  • Inspection, Testing, Commissioning, Handover and Bringing Into Use (ITCHBIU) –implementation of robust inspection gateways, systems integration, testing and commissioning plans and procedures.